Living Well With OCD

Welcome to OCD Wellness Blog where we encourage you to live well with OCD.

My name is April Vass M.S.W, R.S.W. I am the Founder and Owner of OCD Wellness. Before speaking about the OCD Wellness Blog, I wanted to share a bit about OCD Wellness. 

OCD Wellness clinic offers counselling services to individuals living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or OC-related disorders. OCD Wellness encourages individuals a team of support when conquering OCD, this includes involving loved ones in the treatment process. Created in June 2022 with the mission to spread awareness, education, and support to individuals and families. Furthermore, we recognize that with the right treatment, individuals and families CAN live well with OCD and regain their life. 

Our Blog looks to continue OCD Wellness’s mission by spreading awareness, debunking stigma, and addressing shame, through shared content. We strive to create a welcoming, educational, and empowering environment for individuals to learn about OCD and the gold-standard treatment. With welcomed suggestions and comments, OCD Wellness blog looks to cultivate a community where individuals feel supported, and the OCD Community feels supported. 

OCD Wellness Blog holds the same core values as OCD Wellness,

OCD Wellness Blog welcomes all to join, read, and share experiences and thoughts. Whether you experience OCD symptoms, have a loved one with OCD, or you are an ally of the OCD community, OCD Wellness Blog welcomes you. 

OCD Wellness welcomes you!

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