Meet JANE: OCD Wellness uses software you can trust!

At OCD Wellness, we value and protect your privacy and confidentiality every step of the way! From the moment individuals reach out to OCD Wellness, we take steps to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your information is secure. We recognize the unspoken trust that is placed in our hands – and we use a trusted software system JANE – to help us uphold that standard of privacy and security.

JANE is a well-known software that allows seamless booking, billing, messaging, and direct user access.

Through JANE, Individuals have access to their own account secured by a unique username and password. As the account owner, you can control permissions for access to your chart, billing records and schedules. You can also see a breakdown of user activity of your account. JANE allows your OCD Wellness Clinician to send you notes, readings, and reminders to your account. JANE uses 256-bit encryption between your device and the JANE servers. This means 2256 different combinations are required to break the encrypted message protecting your file.

For further peace of mind and understanding around the software OCD Wellness utilizes to protect your personal information, check out the following links below:

Jane Security and Trust Page : further explains their Security, Privacy, and Policies.

JANE and PHIPA Compliance :

For further security, you can add your own billing information into Jane by following this instructions below,

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