Getting Started with OCD Wellness

OCD Wellness recognizes how difficult it can be to take the first step to access support. Often – the first step is always the most difficult. However, in return that first step can also be the most rewarding!

April is here to help you with that first step! Starting with that first call – she will answer any questions you have about OCD and ERP!

OCD will often target your values, morals, and fears. This can feel scary – but also shameful and embarrassing. Our goal at OCD Wellness is not to provide reassurance in treatment, but to provide you the tools and treatment to tolerate the uncertainty of OCD.

Those terrifying thoughts you are having about yourself, family, friends, children, vulnerable individuals, animals, and more – come from OCD. They are NOT you!

Right now – you may be thinking – “how do they know? Maybe it is me?” That is exactly why reassurance doesn’t work, and why taking that step to access treatment and begin combating OCD is so important!

OCD Wellness is a non-judgmental clinic, so take that first step – start by reaching out to say “hello” to April!

3 ways to start treatment with OCD Wellness,

  1. Click on any “Book Now” or “Free 15 minute Consultation” button on OCD Wellness website. Clicking either button will take you to OCD Wellness’s software JANE, where you can directly book with our Clinician, April. To learn more about Jane check out Meet JANE – Trusted Software used by OCD Wellness.
  2. Complete “Contact OCD Wellness” at the bottom of every page or on the Get in Touch Page. April will receive this message directly and will contact you at the email or phone number provided to answer any questions you may have and offer to set up a consultation call.
  3. Contact OCD Wellness directly by calling (705) 417-3250 or emailing

There will be no soliciting during the consultation calls with OCD Wellness. OCD Wellness views consultation calls as a way to spread awareness and help make the first step to treatment as supportive as possible. There is NO expectation to book a session from the call!

OCD Wellness is here to support you starting at the first step of treatment!

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