Why choose in-person ERP sessions?

Facing OCD can be a very scary proposition. It can leave one with feelings of angst, fear and uncertainty. Don’t face that fear alone. In-person treatment sessions can help you face those fears in a positive and supportive environment!

OCD Wellness’ current base of operations is located in the Simcoe County community of Barrie, Ontario. It is here – your ERP clinician will be by your side – to help support, guide and connect with you through the treatment session!

With your OCD Wellness clinician by your side – you no longer have to face OCD alone!

Using Evidence-based treatment for OCD, your ERP clinician will provide you with the tools necessary to tolerate OCD and lean into the uncertainty. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is the gold-standard treatment for OCD and will allow those partaking in treatment to start their journey on the best possible foot.

Let’s talk about the benefits of in-person ERP sessions!

1) Your ERP clinician can observe body language – sneaky compulsions – physical cues (non-verbal cues).

Catching those sneaky compulsions is important in treatment – we want to ensure OCD isn’t being fueled in any way. There are some compulsions the camera may not catch – but your Clinician will be sure to catch and acknowledge these compulsions in session and provide the proper tools to address them. For example, compulsions that can be caught during in-person sessions are: tapping or rubbing, ordering or arranging at the desk, checking behaviours in your environment, hair pulling, skin picking or fidgeting, etc.

2)Complete Focus on Exposures

And then there were two! In-person sessions will just be between you and your Clinician. This will ensure all outside distractions do not affect treatment. ERP requires your full attention and effort. We don’t want distractions such as text messages or social media posts taking you away from the exposure and experience. Doing so, would result in missing out on some great learning!

3) Completing Community Exposures Together

Community Exposure can be completed in other forms, however, doing them in person can provide extra strength and motivation to conquer those fears. Your Clinician can also observe potential triggers and avoidances during community exposures. After all, we know avoidance fuels OCD and we want to ensure we are not fueling OCD during the exposures. This allows you to face those fears and uncertainty, knowing your ERP clinician is right by your side through the entire experience – challenging and supporting you!

4) Increased Privacy

In-person sessions allow for increased privacy and sharing. You can let your guard down and lean into your fears knowing your ERP clinician is fully supportive and non-judgmental.

5) Strengthened Therapeutic Relationship

That’s right, in-person sessions give you the opportunity to strengthen the therapeutic relationships with your Clinician. Body language and non-verbal cues can help develop trust and communication in your relationship your Clinician. Not only is it beneficial for your Clinician to see your body language, there is also benefit in you seeing theirs.

Having a strong therapeutic relationship with your Clinician will allow you to face your fears and receive the best evidence-based treatment to help you live well with OCD!

Contact OCD Wellness to speak with a Clinician about accessing in-person services in the Simcoe County.

Take that first step; OCD Wellness is here to help you!

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