OCD Wellness is located in the Simcoe County community of Barrie, Ontario.

But that doesn’t mean its support stops there. OCD Wellness offers support to all residents of Ontario. For areas such as Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Mississauga, York Region, and the province of New Brunswick – OCD Wellness can help support you!

We recognize the difficulty in accessing effective and evidence-based treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in Ontario and Canada. That is why OCD Wellness offers virtual sessions through use of our software JANE. See our blog “Meet Jane” for more information about our Software!

You may be wondering if virtual treatment is just as effective as in-person treatment. No matter the setting – OCD Wellness utilizes evidence-based treatment for OCD – Exposure and Response Prevention. We have seen great success utilizing virtual sessions with our clients!

Let us share with you some of the benefits of Virtual sessions how ERP can be utilized virtually for you or your loved one.

Convenience and Flexibility

Using the JANE Video Call feature – your clinician will have a view of your immediate environment and be able to provide support and effective treatment wherever you may be. JANE has the flexibility to travel with you – allowing your clinician to view and complete the exposure and response prevention treatment as if they were there in person.

Your clinician will observe your body language during the sessions, including the completion of the exposure as a whole, just as they would in an in-person session. You will also have the opportunity to see your clinician’s facial expressions and body language.

 Home and Community Sessions

OCD Wellness blog recently posted about In- Person Exposure and Response Prevention session. In this blog we spoke about home and community sessions. Don’t fret – both are an option for virtual sessions as well!


With virtual sessions, your clinician automatically has a view into your environment via Jane Video Calls. Don’t worry – your clinician won’t mind being carried around! You and your clinician will utilize JANE Video Call to expose yourself to triggers in the home and community. You Clinician will be aware of your environment and provide you the opportunity to perform the exposures discreetly – maintaining support and guidance to offer you the most effective treatment virtually.

Let’s not forget, Virtual let’s you say goodbye to travel and any travel fees.  

Be sure to click “book a free consultation” and sign up for a consultation call to start your virtual sessions with our OCD Wellness Clinician! 

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