OCD Wellness

OCD Wellness

Founded in June 2022 with a mission to provide evidence-based treatment to people dealing with OCD and related disorders. OCD Wellness was born out of a deep passion to raise awareness about OCD and debunk stereotypes surrounding the disorder.

April, the founder of OCD Wellness, understands the challenge of seeking treatment for OCD and wanted to create a safe space where people could find the support they need.  Authenticity, integrity, and teamwork are at the core of OCD Wellness, and April ensures that these values are reflected in all interactions.

Bringing everything together with our logo that symbolizes wellness, strength, and empathy.

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OCD Wellness

OCD Wellness supports individuals in finding their inner strength and resilience during their journey with OCD.  We see the importance of externalizing OCD from the individual. With an empathetic approach, we provide evidence-based learning and tools for the individual to become an expert in OCD. 

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Our mission

OCD Wellness was founded on the principle of supporting individuals and families in regaining their life and learning how to live well with OCD, using an evidence-based, gold-standard approach. We ensure individuals are provided with an empathetic, educational, and empowering environment, met with integrity and respect.

Our vision

OCD Wellness is passionate and dedicated to bridging the gap in services to support individuals and families through their OCD journey. We strive to create a safe space for individuals to discover their strength and resilience, through well-informed, hands-on, and accountable care.



Is a referral or diagnosis required to access services?

A referral or diagnosis is NOT required to access services from OCD Wellness. Instead, an assessment will be completed to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Anyone can connect with OCD Wellness by phone, email, or online booking, with an opportunity for a free 15-minute consultation.

Does OCD Wellness support children and families?

Yes, OCD Wellness supports all ages, including pediatrics and families. OCD Wellness encourages family involvement while respecting the decision of the individuals. When families of loved ones living with OCD are not ready for treatment, OCD Wellness does offer support to families.

Are services covered by insurance?

OCD Wellness clinician is a Registered Social Worker holding a master’s degree. Although services are not covered by OHIP, most insurance companies do cover social work services; you are encouraged to call your provider to inquire. After payment, you will receive an invoice with the clinician’s registration number to submit to your insurance.

What is the length and frequency of sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes long, starting with 1 – 2 times a week, depending on severity level. Treatment will generally require 17 to 22 sessions; however, factors such as homework completion, dedication to treatment, insight, and severity level can impact treatment progress.

Do you offer in-person or virtual sessions?

OCD Wellness offers in-person sessions in the Barrie area, with virtual sessions available to individuals in Ontario and New Brunswick.

I have more questions; can I talk to someone before accessing services?

Yes! OCD Wellness offers a free 15-minute phone consultation with an ERP Clinician bookable online, through a call at (705) 417-3250, or by email to the office at info@ocd-wellness.com.

Are you hiring clinicians?

Check out the page Join The Team to see all current job openings. 

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