Meet The Team

April Vass

CEO, Founder & Clinician, Serving Ontario & New Brunswick

A Team You Can Trust

A Team You Can Trust

We are your team if you are looking for authentic, empathetic, and respectful clinicians.

While connecting with the OCD Wellness team, you are met with authenticity and respect. We strive to create a comfortable and safe environment; as we know, OCD can be scary, and sharing your experience can be even scarier- but also powerful. OCD Wellness clinicians recognize you as the driver of your recovery. You are the expert of your experience and have the strength to take back your life from OCD. It is OCD Wellness’s role to educate you and guide you through evidence-based treatment with a hands-on approach to conquering OCD.

OCD Wellness team virtually serves Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec with in-person opportunities in the Simcoe County Area.


Meet April Vass

April has been working in the mental health field for 8+ years. Before specializing in OCD, April worked in local emergency departments and police detachments, supporting individuals in crisis. During this experience, the harmful stereotypes of OCD and the gap in evidence-based practices for OCD became evident to April. This awareness fueled April’s passion for
specializing in obsessive-compulsive disorder and Exposure and Response Prevention.
April is a well-versed clinician in OCD and a CTSA-Certified clinician in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD. April is active and present in her treatment approach and strives to teach individuals and families how to live well with OCD. April fosters an environment for individuals to become champions in their recovery journey. April is empathetic, authentic, and hilarious (she had us put that in). Jokes aside, April enjoys humour, which can be seen in sessions together in a professional manner.

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Meet Our Admin Staff, Greg

Gregory will often be the voice on the phone or the person behind the emails, supporting you with scheduling needs and more.
Gregory comes to OCD Wellness with years of experience in gym management and customer service. He recognizes the importance of confidentiality and holds knowledge about the function of OCD and the impact it has on one’s life. Don’t hesitate to call the office to give Greg a friendly hello.

Gregory enjoys spending his time with his Borador, Chloe.


Meet Fatema

Fatema received her master’s in social work from Western University and has worked in the mental health field for four years in an inpatient setting. She is passionate about working with clients to help them see their potential beyond the struggles they might be facing.

Appreciating all individuals have their unique perspectives, Fatema incorporates a strength-based and trauma-informed focus in her practice to ensure the safety and comfort of her clients. When specifically working with clients diagnosed with OCD, Fatema will utilize Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy in session, which Behavioural Exposure Training Inc trained her.

In her free time, Fatema can explore nature and hiking trails, spend time with friends and family and attempt to bake a delicious cake.


Meet Triena

Triena holds a Master’s in Social Worker with honours from York University. Throughout her experience, she has learned that life is chaotic, and the one thing we truly have control over is how we respond.

Triena non-judgementally walks with people of all ages during life’s darkest moments when the path is not visible. Triena comes to OCD Wellness with a trauma-informed lens and a variety of mental health training, including but not limited to CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and Family Systems. Triena has an extensive history working with families and children and is eager to utilize her knowledge of OCD and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy to support the clients of OCD Wellness. Triena has been trained in Exposure and Response Prevention by Behavioural Exposure Training Inc.

Triena enjoys hiking, being in nature, connecting with family, swimming, humour (daily!) and cooking.

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Clinician, Serving Ontario & Quebec


Administrative Assistant


Clinician, Serving Ontario

A Growing Practice

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Making an Impact

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic mental health condition that affects 1 – 2% of Canadians, approximately 350,000 Ontarians. Without access to proper treatment, OCD symptoms are likely to worsen often resulting in functional impairment.

OCD Wellness recognizes the importance of facilitating recovery utilizing evidence-based treatment while creating a safe environment for individual seeking support. As a Clinician with OCD Wellness, you will be helping address the shortage of evidence-based treatment which has resulted in many waiting 14 to 17 years to obtain proper treatment from symptom on set.

ERP Specialist

Master or Doctorate level University Degree in Social Work (MSW or DSW) with a minimum of 3 years experience in the mental health field. You must have availability to work virtually and be registered and in good standing with OCSWSSW. Experience using Behavioural Therapies and Knowledge in Exposure and Response Prevention and willingness to participate in training.

Job type 
Part-time leading into full-time if interested. Virtual position. The hired position is contractor based, and you will be considered an OCD Wellness Associate.

Education & Experience
Master’s degree required
1 year minimum of direct practice.
3 years minimum practicing in the mental health field.

Access to Administration Support

Become an OCD Wellness Associate

Competitive Compensation


Independent Contractor

Schedule Flexibility

Supportive Training Environment